I’m currently learning to design on the web using HTML, CSS, and tools like WordPress and Bootstrap. I’ve built two major websites in addition to the one you’re viewing now. The first is a project called, predictably, Women Who Pose. It’s very theatrical and bombastic in content, and, though I haven’t updated it very much, it gives a good peek into what some of my interests and hobbies are. The second is a passion project as well. It’s called SPEAK OUT and it is a space for the stories of people who have lived through the experience of being queer at a Christian university to be told. I hope to, as time permits, continue to w12038237_10100486684772157_4247531620798212750_nork on each of these projects.

I’m around on other corners of the net as well! I write and produce two episodes each month of an original segment for Texas State University’s radio station KTSW 89.9. They air weekly, on Wednesdays at 5:10, during Other Side Drive. The program is called A Curriculum of Divas and it explores gay icons and gay fandom. The episodes are streamable from my SoundCloud. I have second role at KTSW as well. I am a contributor to the station blog. You can guess the sort of things I write about.

Another project I am part of at the moment is SXTXState. Each spring the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State send a group of five students to SXSW Interactive to do reporting. I was fortunate enough to be part of 2016’s group of students, where I wrote previews of various panels in anticipation of the conference, produced on the ground coverage, and managed the social media accounts associated with the project. Be sure to check out the website and if you like what you see you should definitely connect with us on social media. More recently, I have served as a marketing fellow at Kasita, a local Austin startup seeking to help solve the national housing crisis with prefab, modular, tiny homes. My experience in social media has led to study it from an academic perspective, which I have done as an independent study in my coursework at Texas State University. I’ve made a little repository for the work I’ve done for this course here.

I am currently preparing to graduate from Texas State University. I am completing my final coursework at this very moment. The best part is that I’m really going out with a bang; my last two courses were completed this summer as part of a study abroad program. I traveled with my department to both London and Rome for two weeks of cultural enrichment and visits to prominent media organizations. I’ve done a little writing about it. I kept a little journal of my thoughts on a few of the advertisements I encountered in the London Metro, and second journal with my thoughts on some of the most interesting media visits I got to be a part of. I hope you’ll check them out.