Spring 2017 is my final long semester at Texas State University. I will be doing a study abroad session this summer and graduating with an MA in Mass Communication this August. I decided to make social media the centerpiece of my spring semester. In my Digital Media Entrepreneurship course I conducted a study which utilized the Elaboration Likelihood Model as an analytic framework to analyze the social media content of Kasita, a local Austin startup I have been interning with.

I also developed an independent study with Dr. Cindy Royal. As part of this course, I completed a variety of different assignments. I now hold two formal certifications relevant to the social media industry: an individual Google Analytics certification and a Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification. I also conducted a series of interviews with professionals in the various corners of the social media industry and synthesized their insights into this piece, which I hope will be an enlightening read for anybody considering this career path. Finally, I wrote an academic piece, a meta-analysis of literature within the communication discipline on branding and social media. I hope you enjoy them!